• 1 Biotissima makeup
    Bio beauty makeup line for Life Care
  • 2 Doncafe winter flavors
    Doncafe winter flavors, second edition - 2015
    special edition for Open View's clients
  • 4 Doncafe Green
    A new blend form Doncafe that combines green coffee with roasted coffee
  • 5 Krauter identity
    Krauter Remedium branding

Biotissima Day / Night cream
Biotissima Essentials duo creams for beauty and healthy skin

Doncafe Selected winter flavors
New blends of coffee, with vanilla and chocolate

Vegan by Meal Balance
Smoothies powered by bio brand Meal Balance

Doncafe Green
A new blend of coffee, mix of green and roasted beans

Evrika soft redesign
A new design made for Interstar range of softners

Doncafe Brazil coffee
Logo and packaging for a special edition coffee

medical disinfectants packaging

Doncafe Christmas cups
Special gift for the Christmas packaging

Mike's pub
Identity for an old city pub

Full CUP
coffee shop identity and branding

Maria Boutique des fleurs
Identity for a beautiful flowershop

Krauter Mann
natural grooming for men

Krauter hair set shampoo
Bio shampoo and serum for hair loss

Krauter Bio Duschgel
Identity, packaging for a range of Bio cosmetics

Krauter kosmetikum
New Kosmetikum umbrella for Krauter products